Residential Supports

Our Residential Program is comprised of Individual Residential Alternatives (IRAs), Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs), and Supported/Supervised Apartments. The homes are located within the surrounding community.


Our agency embraces the concept of supported routines; participating in meaningful activities and developing the necessary skills to achieve a higher level of independence and self-sufficiency. This is captured by the residential program in the following manner: 

  • Assisting the person supported with the development of a daily routine that is based on his/her preferences and schedule.

  • Provide 24-hour staff support in a home-like setting, focusing on a healthy lifestyle through meals/snacks and exercise programs. Individuals can personalize their bedrooms and be a part in selecting the décor for the entire house.  

  • Creating opportunities to be involved in our community through work, volunteering, and accessing social/recreational activities.

  • Developing skill building goals that will assist the person to become more independent and self-sufficient (budgeting, cooking, ADL's, communication, etc.).

  • Embraces various forms of technology (iPads, Notebooks, etc.) and offer access to Internet services.

  • Provide health/medical oversight and to assist with achieving overall, desired health. A registered nurse is available on-call 24 hours/day, 365 days.

  • Provide transportation and/or travel training to assist individuals with independently utilizing public forms of transportation.

  • Embrace family/friend relationships.

  • Provide protective oversight to ensure individuals' health and safety.

  • Hiring qualified, caring staff and provide on-going, required trainings to ensure continued development of skills.


For additional information about our residential facilities, or to request a tour of one of our homes,

please contact Joanne Knapp-Elvidge, Residential Services Director, by calling 607.734.6151 ext. 131 

or email

CLICK HERE for a Residential Supports Fact Sheet.

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